Wear your baby in VIVID and BOLD African print ring slings. Your baby will be comfortable, cozy and adore your forever cuddles and kisses.


color: Navy, yellow, red

  • Product Information

    Material Description
    African made fabrics
    75" in. long, 30-32" in. wide
    100% African Cotton non stretch Fabrics
    SGS Certified 3" Rings
    Recommended weight (8Ibs – 35Ibs)

    Ankhe Boutique Ring slings are made with beautiful, vibrant, bold and sturdy African fabrics. The shoulder portion is gathered for durability with triple stiches for strength.

    The standard length of the sling is between 75” inches. However, if you want extra length so you can use the tail for breast feeding cover-up or sun shield, please contact us directly for custom order. Please note that extra length (Up to 10 inches is $20 additional charge.

    Care Instructions:
    Suggesting gentle cycle in the washing machine or hand wash. Dry with low heat or hang-dry (Cold Water ONLY)

    ***Safety Warning***
    Products are to be used at your own risk.
    Please use common sense and caution when using Ankhe Boutique ring slings.

    If you or your child have health issues or physical limitations, please discuss the appropriateness of the ring sling with your healthcare practitioner. Ankhe Boutique Corp does NOT offer medical advice.

    Ankhe Boutique Corp. WILL NOT and CANNOT be held responsible or accountable for any injuries sustained while using this product.